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The Kibo Code Quantum is an 8-Weeks Module Training Program that teaches you how to build and scale an online e-commerce business by following a step-by-step plan and a proven strategy.

Kibo Code Quantum program is designed by leading e-commerce entrepreneurs, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

And it's geared towards teaching you all you need to know, + the exact tools and REVOLUTIONARY SOFTWARE you need to use to start making money from eCommerce on the go

What makes the Kibo Code different from other eCommerce methods is that the method it provides is MUCH faster and easier for anyone to implement, even if they have no previous experience.

X  There is No AMAZONNo Inventory

X  No overseas suppliers

X No Skills Required

X  Neither is there any need for brand building, website creation or copywriting.

It's Just a full-blown system that is built from scratch and handed over to you to profit from... Which means that anyone can succeed with it even without a prior KNOWLEDGE about making money online

During the Course of the 8-Weeks Module Training Program, you're going to learn the following...

WEEK - 1

Module 1 – Central Intelligence

The first module is basically an introductory module. This module outlines everything you need to know about the Kibo Code Quantum program and also e-commerce and online marketing in general. Additionally, this module guides you in setting up your own private online store. 

Over the course of the first week of training you:

✔ Buy a high-quality domain

✔ Build an e-store using Shopify

✔ Set up your domain with Shopify

✔ Set up payment processors

✔ Set up contact information including email and phone

WEEK - 2

Kibo Code Quantum Module 2: StoreStorm

The second module is all about making your e-store look professional. If you need high traffic and returning customers, your e-store needs to be exceptionally good. This module guides you in the process of making your store look professional.

By the end of the second week of training you:

✔ Connect ‘Theme X’ to the store

✔ Learn important Shopify settings

✔ Set up pages and navigation

✔ Add Placeholder Products

✔ Set up the final theme

✔ Set up Google Ads & Merchant Center

✔ Set up Microsoft Ads & Merchant Centre

✔ Set up Google Shopping Feed App

✔ Set up Bing Shopping

✔ Set up Loox Reviews App

WEEK - 3

Kibo Code Quantum Module 3: Handpicked Products

The third module focuses on the selection of products for your store. You do this with the help of A Kibo Tool that “picks products for you”.

In the first phase, you will have to select only two products from the 50 products chosen for you. This is where you make your first sale and start earning money.

By the end of the third week of training you learn:

✔ Resetting the Kibo ‘Theme X’

✔ Product Page Overview

✔ Product Variants

✔ Google Ads Account Overview

✔ Google Conversion Pixel

✔ Google Analytics

✔ Your first Google Shopping Ad

✔ First sale

✔ Dropshipping and fulfilling an order

✔ Customer service Basics

WEEK - 4

Kibo Code Quantum Module 4: Profit Vault

The fourth module gives you access to the Profit Vault. This is where you learn about managing your store including customer services like returns, refunds, and cancellations. You also learn about the process of traffic scaling and optimization.

By the end of the fourth week of training you:

✔ Set up Google Ads Columns

✔ Google Shopping Optimization

✔ Microsoft Ads Overview

✔ Bing Conversion Pixel

✔ Microsoft Shopping Ad

✔ Returns, refunds, and cancellations

✔ Tracker App

WEEK - 5

Kibo Code Quantum Module 5: Traffic Black Box

The fifth module introduces you to some traffic generation methods that are unique to the Kibo Code Quantum program. These methods will drive instant visitors to your store. Ultimately this is the secret to Kibo Code’s success. 

By the end of the fifth week of training you learn:

✔ The six rules of Google Shopping products

✔ Find products to sell from Banggood

✔ Product Branding

✔ To perfect product listing

✔ Microsoft Ads Columns

✔ Microsoft Shopping Optimization

✔ Microsoft Ads Search Brand Campaign

✔ Google Search Brand Campaign

WEEK - 6

Kibo Code Quantum Module 6: Oracle X

In the sixth week, there is a shift in the focus of the training. The sixth module focuses on Facebook marketing and provides you access to video classes on the following topics:

✔ What is marketing?

✔ Facebook Business Manager

✔ Facebook Pixel Setup

✔ Setting up an attractive Facebook Page

✔ Creating Facebook Catalog

✔ Facebook Custom Audiences

✔ Single Product Facebook Retargeting Ad

✔ Facebook Ads Columns

WEEK - 7

Kibo Code Quantum Module 7: Kibo Academy

The seventh module is focused on additional marketing techniques including Klaviyo, Wheelio, and Email. Additionally, you will also learn about abandoned cart email flow, customer thank you email flow, and newsletter email.

Professional marketers will already be aware of these, but I assume this is of great use to amateurs.

In this module you will get access to training videos on the following topics:

✔ Kibo Sales & Success Trinity

✔ Google Suspension Report

✔ Klaviyo Signup

✔ Klaviyo overview